Water Treatment

Akva Biomedia

€120 Ex Tax:€120

120m3 is available for sale. Price is per cubic meter. Contact us for more information..


€10,000 Ex Tax:€10,000

In good working condition. Measures: 180 x 280cm. Capacity: 300 liters per second at 60 microns...

Filtration Tanks

€1,250 Ex Tax:€1,250

Located in Lublin Voivodeship, Eastern Poland.Four filtration tanks made of plywood and polyester, s..

Hydrotech HDF802-1H Drum Filter

€6,800 Ex Tax:€6,800

Located in Lublin Voivodeship, Eastern Poland.Fitted with 60 microns filter panels. Comes with new c..

Atlantium RZ163-11 UV Treatment Unit

€14,300 Ex Tax:€14,300

Like new, never used. Model: RZ163-11.Innovative solution for water disinfection that guarantees bio..

Bio Blocks

€40 Ex Tax:€40

Size: 54 x 54 x 68 cm...

Grimstrup Drum Filter

€3,500 Ex Tax:€3,500

Width: 120cm, 2 tracks, 110mm outlet. ..

Hydrotech HDF2007-2S, F5-8C

€37,500 Ex Tax:€37,500

The set includes 4 pieces of Hydrotech HDF2007-2S, and an additional Hydrotech F5-8C.All filters are..

Hydrotech HDF801 Drum Filter

€4,250 Ex Tax:€4,250

Fully renovated. Capacity: 25 liters per second, up to 30L/s with 60 microns panel. Contact us for m..

Moving Bed Material (Heavy)

€497 Ex Tax:€497

Efficient bio-media for biological water purification. Used primarily in "down-flow fixed-bed" filte..

Moving Bed Material (Light)

€434 Ex Tax:€434

Efficient bio-media for biological water purification. Used in up-flow and moving bed filters.Densit..

Moving Bed Material (Medium)

€452 Ex Tax:€452

Efficient bio-media for biological water purification. Used in moving bed filters, resulting in cons..

Renovated Drum Filter

€3,750 Ex Tax:€3,750

Stainless steel drum filter on legs. Renovated with new motor 3 years ago. Will need new panels, but..

Second-hand Drum Filter

€3,500 Ex Tax:€3,500

Fair condition. Capacity: 150-200L/s..

Stainless Steel Drum Filter, 300L/S

€16,000 Ex Tax:€16,000

Fully reconditioned drum filters, with steel parts replaced by stainless steel. Panels: 60 micr..

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