Terms & Conditions

These conditions apply to the sale and purchase of second-hand equipment via the web site 24Fish. These terms are not applicable for purchasing any new equipment via the web site. The type (new or second-hand) of each article is marked on each product's page.

Sales process

  • The buyer contacts 24Fish and expresses their interest in purchasing a piece of equipment advertised on the web site. The buyer is free to request additional pictures and details regarding the product.
  • 24Fish contacts the seller to confirm that the item is still available for sale and transmits any questions the buyer may have expressed previously.
  • The buyer has the option to verify the item personally at a time and location agreed with the seller.
  • The sale and purchase of second-hand articles will be paid fully to 24Fish before pick-up is arranged, by cash or bank transfer. The buyer recieves an invoice from 24Fish.
  • Second-hand articles are sold as-is, and 24Fish provides no additional warranty on them. Sellers are responsible for appraising and describing their articles with honesty and good faith, and buyers are responsible for thoroughly checking the equipment before confirming the sale.


  • On request, 24Fish can arrange worldwide transportation of the articles from the seller to the buyer. In this case, the buyer will be provided with a quote for transportation.
  • Once the buyer agrees with the quote, 24Fish confirms the pick-up to the shipping provider. Transportation costs will be added to the buyer's invoice.
  • The buyer will receive an estimated shipping date and tracking information.

Conditions for sellers

  • 24Fish does not charge sellers when adding the product to the website, instead an up to 25% markup is added to the seller's asking price as a commission. When adding the product to the website, the final price will contain the asking price and the commission.
  • In case the equipment was sold through other channels, or is no longer available for sale, the seller agrees to notify 24Fish as soon as possible, for the product to be removed from the web site. When removing the product without an effective sale, 24Fish does not charge the seller at all.
  • The seller agrees to respond to e-mail or phone communication from 24Fish in due time.
  • In order to market the goods offered for sale, you cede the rights to photograph, display and reproduce the equipment listed for sale. You also grant 24Fish the rights to use these images for advertising purposes.