Fish Pumps

IRAS PV-150 DLF Vacuum Fish Pump

€2,000 Ex Tax:€2,000

Sold as is, can be used for spare parts, or as a basis for a complete renovation. Contact us for mor..

IRAS PV-150 DLF Vacuum Fish Pump (Functioning)

€3,000 Ex Tax:€3,000

In good working condition. Contact us for more details...

Kjaergaard 160mm Hydraulic Fish Pump

€2,500 Ex Tax:€2,500

Sold without hydraulic station. Inlet/outlet: 160mm Contact us for more information...

Blue Comfort P16 Fish Pump

€12,500 Ex Tax:€12,500

Excellent condition, manufactured in 2015. Capacity: up to 16t / hrFish size: 0 - 5000gMax suct..

Blue Comfort P16 Vacuum Fish Pump

€21,385 Ex Tax:€21,385

Save time and effort with a dependable fish pump that is easy to operate. The pump is operational as..

Complete Screw Elevator

€1,500 Ex Tax:€1,500


Kjaergaard 200mm Hydraulic Fish Pump

€4,695 Ex Tax:€4,695

For large fish up to 2500g. In- and outlet: 200mm.Contact us for more information...

Kjaergaard Fish Pumps

€3,000 Ex Tax:€3,000

200mm; for fish up to 1.5 kg. Hydraulic accessory for pumps available for 2000€ (see last photo). Co..

Sparco Fish Pump

€7,500 Ex Tax:€7,500

Stationary model, can be used to pump fish up to 1kg.Capacity: 6-10 tons / hour; inlet / outlet size..

Sparco Fish Pump (stationary)

€6,500 Ex Tax:€6,500

Stationary frameInlet and outlet pipe Ø150mm Suitable for pumping live fish, between 5g and 800..

Sparco Fish Pumps

€7,000 Ex Tax:€7,000

Comes with inlet and outlet pipe, Ø150mm Suitable for pumping live fish, between 5g and 800g.Li..

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