Apollo 4-track Grader

€11,500 Ex Tax:€11,500

Newly renovated grader, suitable for fish weighing between 5-700gr. Standard Volt..

Apollo 4-track Grader

€3,950 Ex Tax:€3,950

For grading trout, salmon, codfish, smolt, etc.Standard Voltage230 / 400Number of grading sizes3 or ..

Apollo 4-Track Grader

€10,800 Ex Tax:€10,800

Great condition. Contact us for more details. ..

Apollo Fish Grader

€3,500 Ex Tax:€3,500

Can handle fish sizes from 2 grams to 800 grams. Different graders available. Contact us for pricing..

Apollo Fish Grader (4 Track)

€10,200 Ex Tax:€10,200

Four-track fish grader by Apollo. Like new condition...

Apollo XL 4-Track Grader (New)

€32,500 Ex Tax:€32,500

For grading larger fish. Manufactured in February 2020, only used for one day. Serial number can be ..

Faivre Grader

€15,900 Ex Tax:€15,900

Manufactured in 2018, very good condition, lightly used. Used together with a Wintec fish pump (can ..

Milanese Gigante

€3,000 Ex Tax:€3,000

Can handle fish sizes from 2 to 800 grams...

Milanese Gigante Grader

€8,100 Ex Tax:€8,100

Good condition, suitable for fish from 15 to 2000 grams. Contact us for more information. ..

Milanese Gigante, Fully Renovated

€11,500 Ex Tax:€11,500

Fully renovated, suitable for fish from 15 to 1200 grams. ..

Sparco Fish Grader

€6,800 Ex Tax:€6,800

Can process fish weighing from 15 to 250g.Capacity: 2500kg / hour (at 100g setting)...

Sparco Grader

€7,000 Ex Tax:€7,000

For fish ranging from 5g to 700g. Recently renovated. Contact us for more details...

Sparco Grader (long)

€8,100 Ex Tax:€8,100

Long sparco grader, renovated. For fish ranging from 10 grams to 1kg. ..

Sparco Grader (short)

€5,300 Ex Tax:€5,300

Sparco grader in fine condition. Comes on wheels. Suitable for fish from 3 to 800 grams. ..

Sparco Grader (stationary)

€5,300 Ex Tax:€5,300

Stationary grader in fine condition. Suitable for fish form 3 to 800g grams...

Sparco XL

€3,500 Ex Tax:€3,500

Grades fish up 1.5 kg. Option to be renovated is available. Contact us for details...

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