Milanese Gigante Grader

€10,500 Ex Tax:€10,500

Good condition, suitable for fish from 15 to 2000 grams. Contact us for more information. ..

Sparco Grader

€7,000 Ex Tax:€7,000

For fish ranging from 5g to 700g. Recently renovated. Contact us for more details...

Sparco Grader (short)

€5,300 Ex Tax:€5,300

Sparco grader in fine condition. Comes on wheels. Suitable for fish from 3 to 800 grams. ..

Sparco Grader (stationary)

€5,300 Ex Tax:€5,300

Stationary grader in fine condition. Suitable for fish form 3 to 800g grams...

VAKI Fish Grader 140cm

€25,000 Ex Tax:€25,000

Designed for high-speed grading of large numbers of live fish. Size range for salmonids and equ..

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