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Eel Outlets

€75 Ex Tax:€75

Available in two different sizes. Contact us for more details...


€75 Ex Tax:€75

Available in different sizes. Contact us for pricing information...

Grids 6mm

€2,700 Ex Tax:€2,700

6mm grids, 2 pieces. Size: 2 x 4 meters..

Injection Brackets

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Injection brackets are strong injection brackets designed to meet the demand for high quality bracke..

Large Outlet Munk

€450 Ex Tax:€450

Made from aluminum, has 250mm drain. Contact us for more information.    ..

Mort Treatment Unit

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This unique mort/waste processing unit ensures full sterilization and recycling of the waste product..


€80 Ex Tax:€80


Rack / Grid Cleaner

€2,200 Ex Tax:€2,200

Different sizes available. Contact us for more details...

SES Emergency Generator

€4,000 Ex Tax:€4,000

Electrical generator made by Scandinavian Engineering Limited. Comes with control panel. Contact us ..

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