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The idea behind secondhandforfish.com is to provide a sustainable solution for fish farmers to trace second hand equipment from colleagues and at the same time, sell their own excess equipment in order to avoid wasted products and overload the environment.


The market for second hand aquaculture equipment is increasing and our target is to provide one common platform for all fish farmers, so they know where to look for available quality products.


We have different types of fish graders from Sparco, Apollo and Milanese.

We also have Hydrotech Drum Filters and moving bed materials.

We also have a Vaki Fish Counter on sale right now. If you need nets for your fish cages we can offer Dyneema nets.

We also have complete pendlum feeders right now in both 40 and 80 liters.


If you have any questions about our equipment, please send us an email and we will answer all your questions.





Meeting the requirements on equipment from aquaculture


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24 Fish - Second hand equipment for aquaculture


24 fish is a market place for second hand equipment for the Aquaculture industry. Fish Farmers can easily sell or buy second hand equipment of good quality to improve fish production on their own sites



We arrange the shipment to all over the world



If you want to get the latest news on equipment then follow us on LinkedIn where we will post exiting new equipment when they arrive


Email: Sales@secondhandforfish.com

Phone: +45 22 26 85 32

Phone: +45 31 36 44 95

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