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If you need specific equipment don't wait to send us an email and we will help you find it







How do I make a bid for a product


You find the product you want to bid on in Products and then you send your bid to and afterwards we will reply you




What if the product I was looking for aren't on the website:


If you can't find the product you're are searching for on our website then you can try sending us an email with the product type you're are searching for and we will try finding it for you

What should i do if i want to sell a product through secondhandforfish


You just need to send a mail to with some informations as you can see below:

Product name

What you price is

Pictures of the product

Specifications for the product

Place of the product






24 Fish - Second hand equipment for aquaculture


24 fish is a market place for second hand equipment for the Aquaculture industry. Fish Farmers can easily sell or buy second hand equipment of good quality to improve fish production on their own sites



We arrange the shipment to all over the world



If you want to get the latest news on equipment then follow us on LinkedIn where we will post exiting new equipment when they arrive



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